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Cylinder Style Lamp - Black

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  • Cylinder Style Lamp Black image.
  • Cylinder Style Lamp Black image.
  • Cylinder Style Lamp Black image.

Cylinder Style Lamp - Black

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Sometime in 1944, Isamu Noguchi created a present for her sister and now more than 70 years later, it is considered as one of the design icons of the last century and became a trendsetting and often-copied success. Perfect ambient and desk lamp for living room end/side table, bedroom night stand, Baby room, Study, Office. Coffee Table, Cafe. Clean, linear and minimalist design, ideal as a Birthday Present.

Cylinder Style Lamp
Cylinder Style Lamp

Designed as per the original

Enjoy what you’re doing for longer without hurting your eyes with the Cylinder Style Lamp by Designer Editions. Styleted from the original design of Isamu Noguchi, the three-legged Cylinder Lamp with its lampshade made of Tactile Fabric Shade and organically shaped wooden legs, available in black or white to provide a natural feeling. Place on top of a nightstand, desk, or console table for illumination in sophisticated style.


Cylinder Style Lamp
  • Material: Tactile Fabric Shade  
  • Legs: Wooden Base
  • Style: Modern Design
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Assembly: No Assembly Required
  • Instructions: N/A
  • Care: Spot Clean
  • Dimension: Width 18cm, Depth 18cm, Height 40cm
  • Packing Dimension: Width 21cm, Depth 21cm, Height 44cm
  • CBM:  Weight: 1kg
Inspired By

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi, an American-Japanese sculptor and designer. One of 20th century’s most important figure in the field. He is known for his architecture and furniture designs because of his unique style of integrating Japanese aesthetics with Western modernism. Noguchi was a mid-century designer known for his works that has challenged the boundaries of art and design. He gained acclaim when his biomorphic interlocking stone sculptures were included in “14 Americans” at the Museum of Modern Art in 1946. His extraordinary projects were now the subject of style furniture due to the inherent dichotomies in his works and many style furniture inspired by his designs are now available in the market. He designed numerous award-winning furniture like the noguchi sculpture, noguchi floor lamps and the well renowned noguchi coffee table to name a few. With more than six decades of brilliant career under his belt, Noguchi has left an amazing legacy.

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