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Poul Christiansen

Poul Christiansen brought extraordinary innovation and dimension, an architect whose most famous works are the lampshades he designed for Le Klint. He discovered that folding in mathematical curves gave the lampshades beautiful and unique sculptural shapes. His most famous creation is the SinusLine series which he developed by combining sine curves in such a way that they formed a lampshade when folded. Komplot Design was founded by Poul Christiansen and Boris Berlin in1987. They have won many international design awards, including Møbelprisen, the most prestigious furniture award in Denmark. Komplot Design and Fora Form have collaborated since the late 1980s. Over the years Poul Christiansen has designed a number of lamps and in the mid 2000 he evolved the soft folded curves to the creation of the Elysion light sculptures. These lights are hand-folded from one sheet of lampshade foil and thus represent genuine craftsmanship.

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