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Erik Buch

Erik Buch was a Danish industrial designer born in 1923 in Copenhagen. His love for wood and craftsmanship has moulded his Scandinavian style further. Buch’s organic and functional aesthetic made him famous throughout his chairs, stools, and cabinet creations. He made an oak, rosewood, grain wood and polished teak his primary furniture material combining fabric and leather. His significant successes were found with his Model 49 chair in 1949 and Model 61 barstool in 1961 was his trademark styles. It has a typical Scandinavian base with organically sculpted lines. Other designs by Buch include the Captains Chair (1955) for Orum Mobler, Model 310 dining chair. And a T-shaped rosewood bar stool in 1960. His legacy lives on as his designs continue to be appreciated throughout high functioning bars everywhere to this day.

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