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The Corona Chair - Wool - Orange

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  • The Corona Chair Wool/Orange image.
  • The Corona Chair Wool/Orange image.
  • The Corona Chair Wool/Orange image.
  • The Corona Chair Wool/Orange image.

The Corona Chair - Wool - Orange

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Looking light but is actually as strong as spine, that best describes the Corona Chair and Corona Stool by Poul Volther designed after the wreath or corona that can be seen around the sun during a full solar eclipse. Poul M. Volther was inspired by the human anatomy when he designed Corona. Prior to the Corona Chair, Volther developed other, similar designs that included the Pyramid Chair in 1953: a foam and cloth constructed design which saw no commercial success. It is the now iconic Corona Chair for which he has become best known.

The Corona Chair
The Corona Chair


Come home and rest like a God with the premium style of the Corona Chair by Designer Editions after a long day’s work. A rare combination of organic expression and technical streamlining, the corona chair consists of a series of elliptical cushions separated by open spaces, placed on a brushed cast aluminium frame give maximum support of the body with overt associations to both spinal column and ribs of the human anatomy. Available in your choice of wool, standard or premium leather, in variants of colours that will effortlessly blends in with the room.


The Corona Chair
  • Frame: Aniline leather, Cashmere Fabric, Full Correctered
  • Legs: Brushed Cast Aluminium
  • Comfort: Comfy Soft
  • Fabric: Wool / Leather
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: Easy (feet only)
  • Instructions: Included
  • Care: Vacum
  • Clean: Spot Clean
  • Fabric Ordering: Suggested
  • Dimension: Width 90cm, Depth 83cm, Height  96cm
  • Seat Dimension: Height 41cm
  • Packing Dimension: Width 92cm, Depth 86cm, Height 100cm
  • CBM: 0.79 Weight: 36kg
Inspired By

Poul Volther

Renowned for his unique and iconic Corona chair, the Danish furniture designer Poul Volther was a strong supporter of Functionalism in the modern period and drew from his deep understanding of construction as a cabinetmaker. He also taught at the Danish Design School and thus influenced hundreds of new designers with his unerring sense of form and his strict requirements for quality and functionality. He started working at the cooperative FDB, in the design studio where he eventually went on to lead the studio. His practical, craftsmanship-based ideal can clearly be seen in his iconic work. He created many armchairs and sofas that are still popular today. He died in 2001, leaving behind the legacy of his creations, which continue to be sold and styleted all over.

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