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Bell Side Table - Glass - Dark Blue

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  • Bell Side Table - Glass Dark Blue image.
  • Bell Side Table - Glass Dark Blue image.
  • Bell Side Table - Glass Dark Blue image.

Bell Side Table - Glass - Dark Blue

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This Designer Editions style of the Bell Side Table was inspired by Sebastian Herkner, a beautiful table with blown glass base in choice of colours. Herkner's original design was made in a traditional manner using wooden mould. The transparent tinted glass base asserts a sculptural presence in space, contrasting intriguingly with the solid brass frame on top while also forming a harmonious unit recalling the elegant curving silhouette of a bell.

Bell Side Table - Glass
Bell Side Table - Glass

Designed as per the original

The Bell Side Table adds a distinctive touch to domestic interiors. It celebrates the beauty of the materials with their colours and surfaces, along with the virtues of handmade craftsmanship. A masterwork of traditional handmade craftsmanship, meaning that small bubbles or bumps in the glass are a characteristic feature.


Bell Side Table - Glass
  • Material: Tempered Glass Top / Aluminuim Alloy
  • Top: Black Glass Top / Underside Anodized Brushed Brass
  • Base: Violet / Yellow / Blue / Turquoise / Gray
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: Moderate
  • Instructions:Included 
  • Care: Dust Cleaner
  • Style:  Modern Design 
  • Dimension: Diameter Ø 50cm, Height 53cm
  • Packing Dimension 1: Width 60cm, Depth 60cm, Height 32cm
  • Packing Dimension 2: Width 33cm, Depth 33cm, Height 52cm
  • CBM: 0.115 / 0.057 Weight: 6kg / 6kg
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