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Poet 2 Seater Sofa - Morocan Blue

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  • Poet 2 Seater Sofa Morocan Blue image.

Poet 2 Seater Sofa - Morocan Blue

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Finn Juhl created a small sofa for his house in Charlottenlund, a rural area north of Copenhagen. But it was only until 1959 when the chair received its name when a Danish cartoonist described the exact sofa as the place where a young poet would withdraw to contemplate the complexities of life. Thus, the birth of the name The Poet Sofa. Designed with refined aesthetics and organic form, this sofa is one of his most popular and versatile design. Depicting comfort and elegance, it brings a luxurious and relaxed feel to any environment. The upholstery is very slim compared to the norm at the time and it was the result of Finn Juhl’s ambition to create functional furniture for smaller apartments.

Poet 2 Seater Sofa
Poet 2 Seater Sofa


Inspired by Finn Juhl’s high quality craftsmanship, Designer Editions proudly offers a premium style of the Poet 2 Seats Sofa. This Designer Editions style is made to the finest manufacturing standards with American Walnut Wood legs and frame with High Density Foam hand upholstered in high grain wool fabric and the button detailing is carefully hand-sewn to ensure top notch quality. Available in sophisticated black and light pebble gray with colorful button detailing. The small sofa is a very comfortable embrace for two people, who will be sitting comfortably close or if you want to curl up after a long day’s work, might as well do it in style.


Poet 2 Seater Sofa
  • Frame: American Walnut Wood, High Density Foam
  • Legs: Wood Legs
  • Fabric: Wool
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: N/A
  • Instructions: Included
  • Clean: Light Vacuum
  • Style: Modern
  • Dimension: Width 138cm, Depth 83cm, Height 87.5cm
  • Seat Dimension: Height 42.5cm
  • Packing Dimension: Width 137cm, Depth 84cm, Height 91cm
  • CBM: 1.09 Product Weight: 40kg
Inspired By

Finn Juhl

Most known for his furniture design, Finn Juhl was a Danish architect, interior and industrial designer. Together with fellow Danes Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Borge Mogensen and Poul Kjaerholm, Finn Juhl introduces Danish modern to midcentury America. His interest for making furniture began in 1930s when his father disapproved of his desire to be an art historian. Although trained in architecture, it was his modern furniture designs that made him an international name. His earliest works, designed in the late 1930s, are perhaps his most idiosyncratic yet one critic said it looked like a "tired walrus." But after many attempt, at age 39, Juhl made his U.S. debut in 1951 at the Good Design exhibit in Chicago and at MoMA in New York. He is most famous today for his iconic furniture designs including the Chieftan Armchair and the 108 Dining Chair which are now style by Designer Editions

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