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Platner Inspired Dining Table - Silver

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  • Platner Inspired Dining Table Silver image.
  • Platner Inspired Dining Table Silver image.
  • Platner Inspired Dining Table Silver image.

Platner Inspired Dining Table - Silver

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A product of Platner’s experimentation and innovative thinking, the Platner Inspired Dining Table was designed in 1966 taking advantage of the mindset "I felt there was room for the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful design that appeared in a period style like Louis XV." Platner designed both the structure and the production method for these designs, forming his primary contribution to the mid-century modern furniture movement and is still an enduring icon of 1960's Modernism.

Platner Inspired Dining Table
Platner Inspired Dining Table


Well known for its elegance and refined design sensibility, the Platner Inspired Dining Table by Designer Editions is inspired by the 1966 original design that features a 15mm tempered glass resting on a sculptural base of stainless steel rods, which resemble a shiny sheaf of wheat and a 9mm Stainless Steel Base that are welded into the circular frames to form the base of the table. The table has a single stem, which is not like the usual table with four legs. There is enough legroom for everyone and your knees won’t touch any table legs. Impress your guest without worry as this comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty so you can bring this beauty into your home or workspace and wait for conversation to flow.


Platner Inspired Dining Table
  • Frame: 15mm tempered glass
  • Legs: Steel Wire, 9mm Stainless Steel Base
  • Style: Classic Design 
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: Heavy Glass to base
  • Instructions: Included
  • Care: Spot clean
  • Dimension: Width 137 cm, Depth 137 cm, Height 72 cm
  • Packing Dimension 1: Width 93 cm, Depth 93 cm, Height 72 cm
  • Packing Dimension 2: Width 146 cm, Depth 146 cm, Height 8 cm
  • CBM: 0.73 Product Weight: 93 kg
Inspired By

Warren Platner

An American architect and interior designer, Born Joseph Warren Platner in Baltimore, Maryland in 1919. Platner studied architecture at Cornell University and, following graduation in 1941, worked in the offices of legendary designers Eero Saarinen and I.M. Pei. He created a furniture collection that has proved to be an enduring icon of 1960's Modernism and designed several prominent interiors in New York, including offices for the Ford Foundation building and the original Windows on the World restaurant. He also created lighting fixtures, floor and window coverings, furniture and architectural ornaments for clients, completed many other noteworthy projects, including the interior design of Water Tower Place, the vertical shopping mall that opened in Chicago in 1976, and the 1986 renovation of the Pan Am Building lobby for its new owner, MetLife. Platner personally formulated the production techniques for the complicated designs with each chair requiring over a thousand welds and more than one hundred cylindrical steel rods. He died, aged 86, in 2006.

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