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Hoop Chair - Black

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  • Hoop Chair Black image.
  • Hoop Chair Black image.
  • Hoop Chair Black image.
  • Hoop Chair Black image.
  • Hoop Chair Black image.
  • Hoop Chair Black image.

Hoop Chair - Black

Delivered 10 - 16 weeks

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The undisputed master of Danish chair design Hans Wegner created a sophisticated alternative to the traditional lounge chair in 1986. Defined by its unique seat created from a round solid hardwood and a splay of woven rope that cradles the body when seating. The Hoop Chair is designed to go wherever you want it to go and match its surroundings no matter which room it ends up in tomorrow. The natural and simplistic design of Designer Editions high end style of the Hoop chair has a thick concave cushion placed over the seat while a small pillow supports your head for added comfort.

Hoop Chair
Hoop Chair


Invoking both comfort and style, Designer Editions Style of Hans Wegner’s Hoop Chair is style exactly like the original design. The American walnut wood frame combined a finely webbed of hand-tied rope for maximum support and comfortable seating. The chair comes with a choice between black and light pebble grey colored fine standard cashmere upholstery.


Hoop Chair
  • Frame: American Walnut Wood
  • Legs: Walnut Wood
  • Fabric: Standard Cashmere
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: Fully
  • Instructions: N/A
  • Care:  Light Vacum
  • Clean: Spot Clean
  • Dimension: Width 110 cm, Depth 98 cm, Height 96 cm
  • Packing Dimension: Width 112 cm, Depth 98 cm, Height 86 cm
  • CBM: 0.944  Product Weight: 18 kg
Inspired By

Hans J. Wegner

Hans J Wegner (HJW) designs were a massive contribution to mid - century Danish design, using an era of materials from Hardwoods, Bent Veneered Ply and Upholstery HJW produced organic functionality, whilst still pushing design boundaries with shapes that still created functional seating requirements. Iconic designs such as the Y Chair, CH07 Chair, Ox Chair, Hoop are to name but a few, these however were only some of the pieces that made it into mass production. Not taken into consideration the 400+ other pieces that were designed for independent projects or not put into mass production.

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