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Knoll Corner Sofa - Wool - Grey

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  • Knoll Corner Sofa Wool/Grey image.
  • Knoll Corner Sofa Wool/Grey image.
  • Knoll Corner Sofa Wool/Grey image.

Knoll Corner Sofa - Wool - Grey

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Consisting of a distinct, fully tufted, seat and back covering attached to an exposed metal or wood frame and legs, the Knoll Corner Sofa was designed by Florence Knoll in 1954. Planning with her belief in "total design" - embracing all aspects of design principles which were radical departures from the standard practices in 1950s, but were quickly adopted and remain widely used today. The sofa is a true testament to that even after all this while.

Knoll Corner Sofa
Knoll Corner Sofa


The High End Style of Knoll Corner Sofa by Designer Editions offers contemporary style, long lasting performance, and all day comfort. The combination of Stainless Steel Base legs and Solid inside wood frame to are guaranteed to withstand extensive use and maximum support. While Frame padding, back and seat cushions, are made of high density foam upholstered in your choice of wool or premium leather in black, light pebble grey and grey. It is the ideal sofa for a large room where you will be free to enjoy its comfort and style.


Knoll Corner Sofa
  • Frame: Full aniline/ cashmere /Solid inside wood frame
  • Legs: Stainless Steel Base
  • Style: Celebrated Classic Design
  • Fabric: Premium and Wool Leather
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: Fully
  • Instructions: N/A
  • Care: Vacum
  • Clean: Dust / Leather Cleaner
  • Comment: Great as a pair
  • Fabric Ordering: Suggested
  • Dimension: Width 245cm, Depth 176cm, Height 80cm
  • Seat Dimension: Height 43.5cm approx
  • Packing Dimension: Width 178cm, Depth 83cm, Height 86cm
  • CBM: 2.50  Product Weight: 104kg
Inspired By

Florence Knoll

An architect turned furniture designer Florence Knoll was born on 1917 in Saginaw, Michigan. She explored the furniture-making industry from 1936-1937 but left as World War II was spreading. After marrying Hans Knoll in 1946 she moved from being an architect to being a furniture designer and founded the Knoll's furniture. Many of her designs were highly revered and celebrated because of her attention to detail and eye for proportion. Her great command of modern aesthetic has brought about many legendary legacies like tables, desks, chairs, sofas, benches and stools. Her architectural training and interest were merely reflected in her designs. Sleek silhouettes and geometries were the distinctive features of Knoll’s design. In 1965, Knoll retired from the company but her contributions on the rise of modernism in America, are immeasurable.

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