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Eames Style House Bird - Wihte

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  • Eames Style House Bird Wihte image.
  • Eames Style House Bird Wihte image.
  • Eames Style House Bird Wihte image.
  • Eames Style House Bird Wihte image.

Eames Style House Bird - Wihte

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A simple black bird is carved by Charles and Edna Perdew in 1910 and was popularized by Charles Eames. It was acquired by the Eames on their travel to the Appalachian Mountains and the rest is history. After appearing numerous times in their product photo shoots, it has become the highly sought-after center piece of many living rooms. After realizing the appeal of the simple decorative pieces, it has enriched the interior of Eames home and since then become the most beloved decorative objects of many households.

Eames Style House Bird
Eames Style House Bird


With a great sense of creativity, Designer Editions proudly introduces a Designer Editions Designer Editions House Bird, the most prized objects of American Folk Art. Crafted from lacqured alder wood in black or white legs made out quality steel wires, this masterfully simplistic bird with tapered beak and slim tail will bring a sophisticated touch in any living room. Unobtrusive and elegant decorative piece that will be the object of desire in your modern home.


Eames Style House Bird
  • Frame: Alter Wood
  • Legs: Steel Wire 
  • Style: Classic Design
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembly: Fully
  • Instructions: N/A
  • Clean: Dust Cleaner
  • Dimension: Width 27cm, Depth 10cm, Height 28cm
  • Packing Dimension: Width 31cm, Depth 13.5cm, Height 36cm
  • CBM: 0.02 Product Weight: 1.5kg
Inspired By

Charles Eames

Who wouldn’t love Charles Eames furniture? To answer your needs, Designer Editions has a wide range of designs for you.

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