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Flower Pot Lamp - Aqua Blue

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  • Flower Pot Lamp Aqua Blue image.
  • Flower Pot Lamp Aqua Blue image.
  • Flower Pot Lamp Aqua Blue image.

Flower Pot Lamp - Aqua Blue

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Flower Pot lamp was designed by Verner Panton in 1969. Its organic form consists of two half spheres of different sizes tucked into each other embodies several abstract concepts in a singular body of design. Verner marked it all the next year with the FlowerPot series of table and pendant lights. Spherical, bold and modern, they are as fresh looking now as they were in 1969.

Flower Pot Lamp
Flower Pot Lamp


Versatile enough to fit a variety of décor, the Designer Editions style of Flower Pot Lamp will make an amazing decoration for your home, office etc. Completed with Lacquered aluminium base and body in chrome, white, red, green, blue and yellow for you to explore. Gentle on the eyes: provides a flicker-free lighting for reading, working, or studying. The FlowerPot with its two semicircular spheres facing each other has long proved its lasting design quality and is just as much a synonym of our time, too.


Flower Pot Lamp
  • Material: Lacquered Aluminium / Textile Cord
  • Wattage: E27 1 * 45W (Recommended)
  • Bulb Included: No
  • Dimmable: Yes / Independent Device Not Included
  • Assembly: Electrician Advised
  • Instructions: Included
  • Look: Modern
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Cable Length: 180cm (Fully Adjustable)
  • Dimension: Diameter Ø 23cm, Height 15cm
  • Packing Dimension: Width 28.5cm, Depth 28.5cm, Height 24.5cm
  • CBM: 0.027 Weight: 1kg
Inspired By

Verner Panton

Verner Panton (VP) known fondly as a fun architect/designer exuberant and passionate about design, Verner Panton's creations were focused on colors and pushing the boundaries of non-conventional interior and furniture design. Over the duration of his works, Panton introduced a number lighting designs tangential to other Scandinavian designs of the same era, Verner Panton lighting conflicted historic theories on how lighting should work, bouncing light off of color plates within the design giving off color nondirectional color variances. After working with Arne Jacobsen in the early 50’s VP went onto opening up his own studio in 1950 and working on ideas such as a collapsible house (1955) During the end of the 50’s, however, his chair design became much more nonconformist, with canter-liver designs and beautiful curvature. Panton was also one of the first designers to use single form injection molding to produce chair designs, therefore making the designers chair more commercially viable and allowing him to create the S chair which he became famous for, popular today as it was then, due to its organic shape and the color options available. During the late 1960’s and early 70’s Panton went onto commercial interior design projects, eccentric and colorful in design the applications were installed/displayed in hotels and exhibition centers.

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