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Jean Prouvé

Born from a family with lively artistic circle in 1901, Jean Prouvé was a French metal worker, self-taught architect and designer. He is one of the most influential furniture designers of the early modern design movement. After opening his own workshop in 1923, he created numerous furniture designs and collaborated with some of the best-known French modern designers of the day, including Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. His designs speak of a work philosophy that includes knowledge of the materials at hand. Prouvé was influential in the development of the idea of nomadic architecture, likening a chair to a house, and designing both with portability in mind. Prouvé's work encompasses a wide range of objects, his work has remained relatively unknown to the general design public until recently. Prouvé is renowned internationally today is a result of years and years of devotion to exhibiting his work worldwide.

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