Whats the difference between Premium & Italian Leather

Premium (Aniline) and Italian (Top Grain Correct) Leather are both perfect finish for upholstering our furniture.
There are of course slight differences in quality and the milling (tanning/manufacturing) process of the leather.

Premium (Anline) leather aesthetically has less grain in the leather, it is milled more for a softer feel, and the leather
is of higher quality with fewer imperfections.

Italian (Top Grain Correct) Leather is slightly thicker than Premium, the finish has more of an apparent grain to the leather,
whilst soft to touch it is used more on lounger chairs, benches, stools, cushions. Italian leather is also more processed milling/tanning process, there is usually more imperfections that will be corrected in the process to conform with the rest of the leather.
This is usually small insect bites.

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