Soap Treated Wood Care Guide

Light coloured with grain and structure visible, soap treated wood are the closest to raw wood and the most natural of finishes. Soap treated wood age beautifully. As the surface becomes more treated through every day use and washing in soap solution, it will also grow more resistant to dirt. To maintain the longevity and appearance of each piece, soap treated wood should be maintained every 2 to 3 months with non-abrasive detergent made from 100% vegetable, unscented, natural, white soap diluted with lukewarm water. Dirt and spots of oil can be cleaned using a light, damp cloth by wiping softly and not scrubbing hard against the wood. Ensure any excess water is wiped off using a soft microfiber cloth. It is important to avoid placing abrasive objects on timber. Coloured liquids can also cause very deep spots. Please note that incorrect use of the care instructions is not covered by the warranty. If unsure, seek a professional to maintain the furniture.

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